An Introduction to Physical Science 12th Edition 9780618935963
Product Edition:12th Edition
Author: Jerry D. Wilson, James T. Shipman, Charles A Higgins
Book Name: An Introduction to Physical Science
Subject Name: Science

An Introduction to Physical Science 12th Edition Solutions

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An Introduction to Physical Science presents a survey of the physical sciences--physics chemistry astronomy meteorology and geology--for non-science majors. Topics are treated both descriptively and quantitatively providing flexibility for instructors who wish to emphasize a highly descriptive approach a highly quantitative approach or anything in between. Time-tested pedagogical tools address the needs of a range of learning styles: concepts to be treated mathematically are consistently introduced from three perspectives (definition word equation symbol notation)Confidence Exercises follow in-text Examples giving students an opportunity for immediate practice and reinforcementand updated Spotlight On features use figures photos or flowcharts to visually summarize important topics. The Twelfth Edition includes new content and features that help students better visualize concepts master basic math and practice problem solving. In response to instructor feedback new end-of-chapter problems appear throughout the text and sections on astronomy have been updated. A dynamic technology package combines course management and testing resources as well as online support for students. The Twelfth Edition is available in both a hardcover version and at a reduced price a paperback version giving students flexible options to meet their needs.Read more


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