An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics 2nd Edition 9780805304022
Product Edition:2nd Edition
Author: Bradley W Carroll, Dale A Ostlie
Book Name: An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics
Subject Name: Science

An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics 2nd Edition Solutions

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An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics is a comprehensive guide to the field of astrophysics and the other related fields of astronomy. Appended from the first edition to include all the latest developments and advancements made in the astrophysics the book is an ideal guide to students and physics majors alike. The book starts with the essential tools of astronomy including the Celestial Sphere and its mechanics the Theory of Relativity and the Continuous Spectrum of Light. It also explains other fundamental concepts in astrophysics like the interaction of light and matter nature of stars including binary and stellar parameters interior of stars and formation process of stars.Moving on the book explores stellar astrophysics including the classification of Stellar Spectra and Stellar Atmosphere. in the subsequent chapters the book explores larger phenomena including the formation of planetary systems and galaxies also exploring the evolution of galaxies and the origin of the first galaxy. Having given a broad view of Astronomy the book proceeds to explore mathematical and conceptual information in astrophysics like astronomical and physical constants and the Messier Catalogue and constants. It also illustrates the usage of technology in the study of astrophysics like A Binary Star Code Stellar Structure Code Stellar Models and A Tidal Interaction Code. This is a comprehensive guide for an introduction into the fascinating world of astronomy and its study: astrophysics.The second edition of An Introduction to Modern Astrophysics was published in hardcover by Addison Wesley in 2006.Read more


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