An Introduction to Applying Social Work Theories and Methods 2nd edition 9780335247639
Product Edition:2nd edition
Author: Teater, Barbra
Book Name: An Introduction to Applying Social Work Theories and Methods
Subject Name: Social-science

An Introduction to Applying Social Work Theories and Methods 2nd edition Solutions

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This bestselling book is the leading introduction to the most commonly used theories and methods in social work practice. Now in its second edition the book explores the concepts of a 'theory' and a 'method' the difference between the two and the ways in which they are connected.Assuming little to no prior knowledge each chapter explores a single theory or method in depth and uses a variety of interactive tools to encourage the reader to explore their own theories and beliefs. Step-by-step illustrations show how to apply the theory or method to a social work case example and exercises questions diagrams tables and figures are all used to stimulate thought and encourage further learning.New to this edition:New chapter on Community Work provides a step-by-step approach to community work that social workers can adapt to best fit their practice.New chapter on Groupwork provides an overview of the rationale for groupwork the types of groups social workers may encounter in their practice group processes and the practicalities in planning running and ending a group.Expanded chapter on motivational interviewing to include new material on change talk and sustain talk the communication skills needed when using this technique and the processes of motivational interviewingNew case studies exploring areas of growing priority in practice such as dementiaFully revised and updated throughout to incorporate the latest researchThis is a practical and essential guide for all social work students on undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Newly qualified social workers and practitioners will also find this a handy and accessible reference text.Contributor: David Kondrat"This new edition of Barbra Teater's already valued text offers an accessible route into understanding social work theory. It supports learning to apply theories in practice as well as critical reflection on theory. The chapters on group work and community work add very useful new dimensions to the book which will be appreciated by readers looking to understand social work theory across a wide range of service user groups and different settings. This is an excellent resource for students also providing a knowledge base to accompany and support them into practice."Penelope Welbourne Associate Professor of Social Work Plymouth University UK"The first edition of this book has been on my reading lists for undergraduate and post graduate students since its publication and has been appreciated as a plainly written well organized and comprehensive introductory source. The strengths of this text lie in the detailed and plausible case examples bulleted strengths and limitations and consistent references to contemporary and seminal research. I can highly recommend the second edition which includes updated sources and case material including a focus on dementia and the addition of chapters on Community Work and Groupwork which are particularly pertinent to social work in this age of austerity and demographic change."Mandy Hagan Senior Lecturer Manchester Metropolitan University UKRead more


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