Aircraft Systems 3rd Edition 9780470059968
Product Edition:3rd Edition
Author: Ian Moir; Allan Seabridge
Book Name: Aircraft Systems
Subject Name: Engineering

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This third edition of Aircraft Systems represents a timely update of the Aerospace Series� successful and widely acclaimed flagship title. Moir and Seabridge present an in-depth study of the general systems of an aircraft � electronics hydraulics pneumatics emergency systems and flight control to name but a few - that transform an aircraft shell into a living functioning and communicating flying machine. Advances in systems technology continue to alloy systems and avionics with aircraft support and flight systems increasingly controlled and monitored by electronicsthe authors handle the complexities of these overlaps and interactions in a straightforward and accessible manner that also enhances synergy with the book�s two sister volumes Civil Avionics Systems and Military Avionics Systems.Aircraft Systems 3rd Edition is thoroughly revised and expanded from the last edition in 2001 reflecting the significant technological and procedural changes that have occurred in the interim � new aircraft types increased electronic implementation developing � markets increased environmental pressures and the emergence of UAVs. Every chapter is updated and the latest technologies depicted. It offers an essential reference tool for aerospace industry researchers and practitioners such as aircraft designers fuel specialists engine specialists and ground crew maintenance providers as well as a textbook for senior undergraduate and postgraduate students in systems engineering aerospace and engineering avionics.Read more


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