Aircraft Propulsion 1st Edition 9780470039069
Product Edition:1st Edition
Author: Saeed Farokhi
Book Name: Aircraft Propulsion
Subject Name: Science

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Aircraft Propulsion is an engineering textbook written for students in aerospace and mechanical engineering. The book covers aircraft gas turbine engine and rocket propulsion from its basic principles to more advanced treatments in engine components. Propulsion system integration with aircraft plays an important role in understanding propulsion and is thus addressed in the book. Extensive review material and derivations are intended to help students navigate through the subject with more ease. Over 100 examples and 300 problems are designed to practice the principles learned in jet propulsion and compliment learning through applications. In every engine component issues related to manufacturing material properties temperature limitations and cooling are included to give students an appreciation for the broader scope of propulsion engineering than just aero�thermodynamics. Component matching and off�design analysis is detailed in a separate chapter to provide the physical and performance linkage between the components and their impact on aircraft engines. Principles of chemical rocket propulsion are presented in the context of single�stage to orbit propulsion needs of a rocket�based combined cycle vehicle. The broad treatment of the gas turbine engine cycles and components makes the book suitable as a reference for propulsion and turbomachinery engineers gas turbine industry and professional development courses.Read more


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