Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism 6th Edition 9781133104056
Product Edition:6th Edition
Author: Sareen S. Gropper, Jack L. Smith
Book Name: Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism
Subject Name: Science

Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism 6th Edition Solutions

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Current comprehensive and designed to maximize clarity of the concepts you need to know longtime best seller ADVANCED NUTRITION AND HUMAN METABOLISM SIXTH EDITION delivers its signature quality content in a student-friendly presentation. This text is accessible with relevant examples illustrations applications tables and figures to emphasize key concepts. The authors have thoroughly updated the art for this edition by adding several new figures and improving accuracy and clarity of the existing ones. This text continues to set the standard through the authors' ability to clearly and accurately explain even the most complex metabolic processes and concepts. It's the only book written for undergraduates that consistently stays at that level. Providing thorough and detailed coverage the text equips you with a solid understanding of digestion absorption and metabolism of fat protein and carbohydrates. It covers the biochemistry of vitamins minerals and energy nutrients. It also examines the structure and function of water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins and their regulatory role in metabolism looks at electrolyte and fluid balance and covers the role of nutrition in the development or exacerbation of chronic disease. With ADVANCED NUTRITION AND HUMAN METABOLISM SIXTH EDITION you are well prepared as you continue your journey in the field of nutrition.Read more


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