Advanced Engineering Mathematics 3rd Edition 9780763745912
Product Edition:3rd Edition
Author: Dennis G. Zill
Book Name: Advanced Engineering Mathematics
Subject Name: Advanced Math

Advanced Engineering Mathematics 3rd Edition Solutions

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Thoroughly updated Zill's Advanced Engineering Mathematics Third Edition is a compendium of many mathematical topics for students planning a career in engineering or the sciences. A key strength of this text is Zill's emphasis on differential equations as mathematical models discussing the constructs and pitfalls of each. The Third Edition is comprehensive yet flexible to meet the unique needs of various course offerings ranging from ordinary differential equations to vector calculus. Numerous new projects contributed by esteemed mathematicians have been added. Key Features o The entire text has been modernized to prepare engineers and scientists with the mathematical skills required to meet current technological challenges. o The new larger trim size and 2-color design make the text a pleasure to read and learn from. o Numerous NEW engineering and science projects contributed by top mathematicians have been added and are tied to key mathematical topics in the text. o Divided into five major parts the text's flexibility allows instructors to customize the text to fit their needs. The first eight chapters are ideal for a complete short course in ordinary differential equations. o The Gram-Schmidt orthogonalization process has been added in Chapter 7 and is used in subsequent chapters. o All figures now have explanatory captions. Supplements o Complete Instructor's Solutions: Includes all solutions to the exercises found in the text. PowerPoint Lecture Slides and additional instructor's resources are available online. o Student Solutions to accompany Advanced Engineering Mathematics Third Edition: This student supplement contains the answers to every third problem in the textbook allowing students to assess their progress and review key ideas and concepts discussed throughout the text. ISBN: 0-7637-4095-0Read more


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