A Dictionary of Dentistry 1st Edition 9780199533015
Product Edition:1st Edition
Author: Robert Ireland
Book Name: A Dictionary of Dentistry
Subject Name: Science

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This first edition of A Dictionary of Dentistry provides over 4500 definitions covering all the important terms and concepts used in dentistry today. Entries are written in clear and concise English without the use of unnecessary dental or medical jargon and many entries are supplemented by detailed line drawings. The dictionary defines terms in a broad range of dental specialist areas including primary care anatomy and comparative anatomy physiology biochemistry radiography radiology orthodontics periodontology restorative dentistry dental public health paediatric dentistry oral surgery embryology homeopathy pharmacology sedation histology implantology ethics and oral medicine. For completeness some drugs techniques and instruments of historical interest have been included. It also includes a number of biographies of those who are considered to have made a highly significant contribution to dentistry. The principal muscles nerves arteries veins foramina and sinuses of the head and neck together with illustrations are grouped together as appendices: also included is a further reading list and a list of common symbols and abbreviations used in both the UK and America. A key feature of this book is the Dictionary of Dentistry companion website which provides quick access to recommended web links for many entries plus over 100 full-colour illustrations.. An essential guide for dental practitioners and dental students it is also an invaluable reference source for all members of the dental team medical practitioners lawyers involved with members of the dental profession and the general reader.Read more


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