A Brief History of Modern Psychology 2nd Edition 9781118206775
Product Edition:2nd Edition
Author: Jr. Ludy T. Benjamin
Book Name: A Brief History of Modern Psychology
Subject Name: Social-science

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In A Brief History of Modern Psychology Ludy Benjamin leading historian in the field discusses the history of both the science and the practice of psychology since the establishment of the first experimental psychology laboratory in 1879.Captures the excitement of this pervasive field that features prevalently in modern mass mediaPresents facts and interesting tidbits about individual psychologists lives and ideas as well as illuminating tie�in s to the social contexts in which they livedFeatures widely known figures such as William James Carl Jung Wilhelm Wundt G. Stanley Hall James Catell John B. Watson and B.F. Skinner as well as lesser known luminaries such as E.B. Titchener Mary Calkins Leta Hollingworth Kenneth and Mamie Clark and Helen Thompson WolleyProvides the historical and disciplinary context that will help readers to better understand the richness and complexity of contemporary psychologyIncludes discussions of important events societies and landmarks in the history of psychology such as the growth of psychological laboratories in the US the Thayer Conference (the landmark summit which defined school psychology) Kurt Lewin s social action research and Lewis M. Terman and the Stanford Revision of the Binet�Simon Scale (now the well known Stanford�Binet Intelligence Scale )Test Bank for instructors with identification multiple�choice�matching and essay�questions written by Ludy Benjamin available at www.wiley.com/go/benjamin .Read more


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