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Pediatric Nursing - Solutions Manual

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  • Edition : 0th Edition
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A better way to learn pediatric nursing! This unique presentation provides tightly focused pediatric coverage in a highly structured text. All of the field's must-have information is delivered in an easy-to-grasp, visually clear and precise design.

Sample questions asked in Pediatric Nursing:

A child is admitted for surgery. On your admission assessment, the mother tells you that her family is composed of herself, the patient (her son), her new husband,and her stepdaughter. What type of family is this? A. Cohabitation family B. Nuclear family C. Foster family D. Blended family

According to Piaget's theory of cognitive development, an infant less than 1 year of age is in which stage? A. Preoperational B. Sensorimotor C. Concrete D. Sensual

A nurse is caring for a 12-year-old patient who has recently been hospitalized. Which statement by the patient proves that the nurse did not perform a complete cultural assessment? A. "?I'm glad that my prayer times work around my care." B. "?I feel better when my mom stays with me." C. "?I'm not allowed to eat pork, and it is on my lunch tray." D. "?My mom doesn't like it when my room is messy."
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