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Modifications or Changes

We reserve the right to modify or change these Terms of Use at all times. You are advised to keep checking the website for any such updates or changes. If there are any changes as such, we will notify you regarding them through an email or any other means.

In case you do not agree with those Terms and Conditions, you may choose to dismiss them. This would mean that you are no longer eligible for using our products and services. Except for the changes we have already mentioned here, no other amendments or changes of these Terms will be effective unless willed by us.

Registration and Security

While registering on our website, it is required that the information you provide is authentic. You may only use the details that belong to you, and any attempt to register under the impersonation of any other person is strictly prohibited. If found doing so, you may become a subject to rightful legal actions. You are allowed to create ONLY ONE account on our website.

Protection of Content

The content on CFS is under protection by various copyright and intellectual property laws. You must go by all the trademark rules, restrictions, notices and information which you receive after using our services to gain access to the content. You are not allowed to plagiarize, copy, recreate, alter, translate, reveal as your own, transmit to an audience, display, upload, sell or exploit any content which doesn’t belong to you for any reason whatsoever. You can, however, temporarily use the content if you get the consent of the authentic owner. Do not, under any circumstances, transcend your bounds while using the services and content of CFS.

You have the task to understand the CFS holds the ownership over this service. You cannot, in anyway, alter, change, publish, participate, disseminate, derive a new product from, or sell our services. Any form of obstructions will be taken as your exploits of our services for personal gain.

You have access to our files. You can download and keep certain content for personal use. However, remember than just because you can access our content for intellectual purposes, you do not own it and hence do not have any form of ownership or authority over it.

Connectivity and Costs

  • Just to make it clear, we do not own any of your submissions. CFS works as a distributive service. We are only a platform where your intellectual property can be used and supported by others. Your submissions, however, can be used, accessed, read and collected by others. To ensure your privacy, we recommend you to not place any personal information in your submissions.
  • You are liable to pay all the fees such as the Internet costs, package fees, membership fees and the fees which ensure your access to our services.
  • Make sure that you waive all the rights of privacy, publicity or any other rights of similar nature related to the use of your Submissions, or any part of them. Since we use the submissions to provide intellectual services, your Submissions are open to be used, read, corrected, collected and intellectualized.

Access to Online Tutors

Since our service connects you with online tutors who may or may not be a certified member of the CFS Staff, there are certain sensibilities which should be recognized:

  • We solely facilitate the services which possibly connect you with a tutor.
  • We do not participate in any exchange of dialogue between you and the tutor.
  • We do not prescribe you any tutors or recommend a tutor. All of it works by chance and arbitrariness.
  • Any problems regarding health of any form should be taken to certified professionals. This website is not fully equipped to handle such instances, as we are an academic help service. We can provide you with assignment help, homework help and other things of the category. Kindly understand our request.
  • Expert Answers are allowed on this website. Questions submitted by you and other users of this website are open to be solved by various online Experts. The questions can either be picked up by our Subject Matter Experts or online Experts. The Experts choose and request to solve your problem at their own will and discretion.
  • The Experts may or may not be certified. Some Experts may turn out to be certified, experienced tutors of the field, while others may just be novices with somewhat skill in the subject.

Licenses Granted by you to CFS and Other Users:

For you to be able to put up your Submissions on our service panels, and for you to get credits and other rewards for such Submissions and letting other users enjoy them, you grant certain rights to us for those particular Submissions.


  • We retain an implicit right to change the language, translate, modify (solely for technical purposes, to make sure your Submissions are easily comprehensible to the audience at large.), preserve, edit, reproduce and act with consideration to such Submissions. This license, however, is not meant to limit your own rights in the Submissions you are the rightful owner of.
  • You also give us the implicit authority to publicly display, distribute or reveal your submissions, purely for the purpose of making the Submissions viably usable by all the CFS Users and giving the services necessary enough to do so. The Users will have the rights to use, store, edit and preserve your submissions. However, you still have a wide array of rights they cannot transcend.