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Frequently Asked Questions

The questions could be related to any subject or topic that generated in your mind and you could not find any answers in our given Q&As, and textbook solutions manual.

Student can ask 50 New homework Questions every month

You need to be a subscribed user of monthly subscription ($7/month). 

Login to www.crazyforstudy.com using your registered id.

Click on your register id displayed on the right side top corner of the web page. Click on it, Go to My Account. 

At the left side of the navigation panel, click on > Ask a Question,

Follow the procedure to ask a question now,

Choose your subject under ‘Main Subject’

Choose your ‘Sub Subject’

Choose ‘Child Sub Subject’ – if any

Type in the question in edit box or paste the question with necessary details

then click on ‘Post Question’ it. 

Later, You may click on Radio Button at the top to see ‘My Question Status’. Students may also click on the ‘Filter Questions’ section at the right to select radio button All Questions | Pending Questions | Answered Questions | Rejected Questions for filtering the search.

The answers to the questions that you have asked are available in the ‘Answered Questions’ section.

Initially, when you have asked a question it will appear in the 'Pending Question' section, which means our professors are busy in preparing answers. Therefore, you find your questions in the pending section.

When your asked question is rejected by the professor due to some specific reasons, the question appears in the 'Rejected Question' section,

Below mentioned are the reasons for rejections:

  • Language problem
  • Incomplete question
  • irrelevant or invalid question
  • A single question having multiple questions

You may rephrase the question and may ask it again.

The monthly subscription of $7 pack allows students to ask only 50 new questions. Once the pack is utilized completely, Students need to renew the pack for asking 50 new questions. 

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