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  • Solution manual: Is it a Boon or a Curse?

    Solution manuals are selling at a rapid pace nowadays.

    James Smith | May 25, 2022

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Solution manuals are selling at a rapid pace nowadays.

But, if I ask you personally, do you prefer to use a solution manual? Or do you think that it will benefit you in your studies?

For those unversed, a solution manual is a document or book that explains and outlines the answers to the questions given in the textbook.

In simple terms, textbook solution manuals are guides that offer chapter-wise answers to textbook questions. These are generally available in multiple formats, including the digital word or pdf files.

When students are on the verge of their exams, there are a few things that help them reduce the pressure. Of course, they have textbooks, resources, class notes, etc that they use to prepare for the exam. But an additional help would never be bad, right?

Textbook solution manuals provide that little extra help that every student years for. Moreover, solution manuals are often written by highly qualified and experienced experts, so the solutions are accurate, precise, and relevant.

There was a time when the solution manuals were predominately designed for teachers. They weren’t always accessible to the students as issuers often release them only to schools.

But the situation has changed now! Online solution manuals are written with a student-first approach now-a-days. A student solution manual comprises comprehensive and fully worked solutions to all problems given in the textbook.

Let us move on to what content an ideal solution manual should contain.

First of all, a good solution manual should be free of grammatical errors, mathematical mistakes, and spelling errors. Also, it should follow the curriculum and have relevant answers to each question.

Now let us understand what are the advantages and disadvantages of having solution manuals.

Benefits of textbook solution manuals

1.    Easy to understand


Solution manuals are generally written in an easy-to-understand and simple manner. A student can understand and comprehend easily by using a manual. 


2.    Good grades


When a student uses a textbook solution manual, they refer to accurate and precise answers written by experts.

Students study from authentic answers and can write properly in the exams leading to good grades.


3. Round the clock availability


In the traditional way of learning, a teacher would be available for a certain time, and the student must contact the teacher during that time frame.

But, Solution manuals are available 24*7 for assisting students.


4.    Experts-oriented


Experts write solution manuals. Hence by using them, a student can obtain expert guidance by sitting in the comfort of their homes.

5.    Affordable


The manuals are available in pocket-friendly prices. Even students can buy used manuals to save money. Renting and selling options are also available.


6.    Confidently attend exams


It is important that a student remain calm and composed during exam time. If a student is stressed, they might not be able to attempt questions even if they know the answers.

With the aid of a solution manual, a student attempts the test without any stress and emerges with flying colors.


7.    Clear fundamentals


Basic concepts or fundamentals must be clear for all students.  Tutors give their best to make everyone understand a particular concept.

Sometimes a student might not understand a concept explained by the teacher. A solution manual has answers written in a simple form, which the student easily understands. 


8.    Student-friendly language 


Solution manuals break down answers into simple forms, making them easy to understand and use. It is generally written in a student-friendly format for easy grasping of concepts.

Everything that glitters is not gold, they say; here are some disadvantages of having solution manuals.


a.    Solution manuals are expensive, and a student has to shell out extra money to buy them.


b.    The purpose of manuals is to make students understand a concept, but when students indulge in copy and paste method. This negates the effect of solution manuals.


c.    Students will not study and concentrate in class as they depend on the solution manuals.


d.    Some students might not understand the language of solution manuals and get confused.

What are the best websites to find solution manuals?


Best places to find solution manuals


1.    Crazy for Study


One of the best educational websites that offer accurate and precise solution manuals. CFS has solution manuals for more than fifty million textbooks covering subjects like law, science, accounting, engineering, etc.

They provide assignment help, question and answer services, homework help, and expert guidance. CFS has over 5000+ Ph.D. experts that guide students 24*7.


2.    Slader


A student can find textbook solutions and homework answers for around three million problems on Slader. Textbook solutions are available for free covering various subjects like social science, literature, math, foreign language, etc.    


3.    CourseHero


It provides solutions to around 1000 textbooks covering chemistry, physics, math, biology, accounting, psychology, etc.

Solutions are also available with guided videos and hints for easy understanding for students.


4.    OneClass


It has over 3.7 million homework answers available with expert-guided solutions. The portal has over three million students. OneClass provides study guides, booster classes, document tracking and class notes.


5.    Bartleby


Bartleby provides step-by-step solutions for each chapters according to textbooks. It provides round-the-clock writing help and tutoring service with plagiarism checkers and grammar help.  


6.    ScholarOn


Try before you buy with ScholarOn as it provides solutions to the first three chapters for free. They offer solutions to more than 3,00,000 textbook problems. A student can instantly connect with experts 24*7 with writing services, homework help, and other study documents. 


Summing up


Here we have mentioned its meaning, advantages, disadvantages, best places to find it, etc.

Before opening the solution manual, students should try other options. They should take help from their friends, talk to the professor, check the internet, etc.  before using it.


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