Watch ‘The Challenger Games’ and meet your Assignment Deadlines

The Challenger Games

Who else is excited to watch ‘The Challenger Games’? We know we are!

After the so-called ‘YouTube World Championship’ last August, Logan Paul has yet set up another YouTuber versus YouTuber event.

‘The Challenger Games’ has created tons of buzz on Twitter for the past couple of days. The event kicks off at Long Beach City College Stadium on this Saturday (27th July). If you want to go see the event live the tickets are priced roughly between $30 and $250.

‘The Challenger Games’ will feature a “Celebrity Olympics” event with various track and field competitions like 100m hurdles, Long Jump, Shot Put, Tug of War, 100m dash and much more. The participating YouTubers include Logan, Jake, and creators like Alex Wassabi, Austin McBroom, FaZe Rug, LaurDIY, and Deestroying. A live streaming will be available on Logan Paul’s YouTube channel from 5 p.m., West Coast time. Other than the hype over ‘The Challenger Games’ the interested viewers have also been talking about the charity aspect of this event.

Logan: The Challenger Games

Logan says the money raised from the competition will be donated to charities including the Special Olympics. Logan has also posted the official trailer of ‘The Challenger Games’.

Don’t forget to root for your favorite YouTubers. Pump them up for this competition. Clear up your Saturday chores and call over some of your friends so you can freely engage in the YouTuber versus YouTuber competition. If you have assignments due soon, don’t bother stressing.

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