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These days, most people want help. With this global promise of making life easier, most of us forgot what pain is. Is it important to face pain, or is it just something that we’ll slowly do away with? These are the questions that neuroscience has already answers. Neuroscientists study how people, or rather, beings work under both stressful and stable circumstances. What these neuroscientists and psychologists try to understand is how human motivation works. Motivation is still under a lot of dark since theories do not cover all its facets. Many 20th century psychologists made theories and invested time and money in researching human motivation. The research effort uncovered a lot about the brain. If we try to use the understanding of human motivation to understand why students want textbook solutions, we’ll discover a lot!

How textbook solutions target motivation


Motivation is a being’s reason to act. You act because you have motives. However, there are two sides to human motivation. From B.F. Skinner’s operant-conditioning perspective, human motivation has polarity. There is a drive to go towards a positive stimulus. However, there is also the drive to go away from the negative stimulus. Oftentimes this creates a problem. The biggest problem is that running into negative stimulus often causes damage to people. Going through a negative stimulus for greater pleasure is not the way for most people. That is why textbook solutions are bad, in a serious way.

However, there is a flipside to the entire situation. If you use textbook solutions because you are incredibly stuck, then there is no problem. Since the entire system of motivation (called the Dopaminergic system) acts through our conscious, unconscious thoughts and habits. Whatever allows our habits to form in a systematic and linear form is good. Since many people think pain is bad, their education suffers. This is one of the worst things about being human. The things you must do often demand certain amounts of tolerance. The best way to use textbook solutions is under the supervision of a guardian. That way, students can continue to grow naturally and learn to fix their own problems first. Textbook Solutions should only be a contingency plan. A textbook solution should never be the only course of action.

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