Pay $3 to Access Unlimited Textbook Solutions, Q&As for a Month!

Pay $3 to Access Unlimited Textbook Solutions, Q&As for a Month!

Textbook Solutions has become much accessible and elaborative

Paying $3 for a monthly subscription to find access to unlimited textbook solutions, and questions and answers (Q&A) seem to be worth paying. Students, professionals, homemakers, and senior citizens seeking to find descriptive study notes or knowledge need to pay just $3 for a month. All subject textbooks are accessible online. The database is comprised of thousands of questions and answers that empower learning online. At $3 subscription, students are able to read various types of questions and their related answers. And if there are questions not available on the database, students may ask 50 new questions per subscription. All these and many more can be availed at just $3 subscription for a month.

Textbook Solutions Manual

Easy source for student to find textbooks of all subjects

Textbooks play an important role in educating students. We all know that textbooks are the major component in education that requires a lot of effort made by the students to find relevant and accurate subject description for the subject. These textbooks are provided by different authors, publishers, and subject tutors. Crazy for Study provides all kinds of textbooks written by various authors, institutions, and education boards on a variety of topics and subjects. Crazy for Study provides access to a wide database at $3, it automatically add value to their education.

Saves money on textbook solutions

What is the cost of textbook solutions? Depending upon the subjects, topics, and availability, the price of a textbook might begin from $5 to $550 easily. This would be the price of just one textbook solution. Students could never dare to avoid textbooks. These resources contain information that helps students to find better score in examinations. At Crazy for Study, students get unlimited access to all kinds of textbooks making learning easy and simple. They just need to pay $3 as subscription cost for a month. The package provides access to unlimited textbook solutions, which are just a click away!

Easy search of textbooks saving time

$3 plan provides entree to unlimited all subject textbook solutions. There are thousands of textbooks uploaded to assist students offer solutions to their quest. English, geography, medical, engineering, accounting, physics, chemistry, mathematics, administration, and the list goes on. Every subject textbook is made accessible to the students purchased the monthly subscription of $3. At just a monthly subscription of $3, students get unlimited access to thousands of books stored online.  Students just need to have a PC attached to the internet to access the website. All the textbooks are just a-click-away to deliver the required knowledge to the students.

Q&As (Questions and Answers)

Easy to access various questions and their answers

The affordability solution to obtain improved education does not stop here. A $3 monthly subscription plan allows students to learn unlimited questions and answers (Q&A) accessible on the website. Learners could find questions and its linked answers containing all subjects and topics. The provider company has assured us to upload all the relevant questions and answers that any learner may ask or require answers on an immediate basis. The database has thousands of questions to dish up the quest thirst of the learners at $3 per month.

Enhancing knowledge

350 subject matter experts are the core strength of Crazy for Study. These experts are skilled in diverse subjects. They create new questions and their answers and keep adding them to the Q&A database. Students would be enlightened with knowledge and information browsing through the questions and answers (Q&A) sections.

Ask 50 new questions

Allowing students to ask 50 new questions

Crazy for Study privileges students to ask 50 new questions in every subscription. The questions could be related to the subject or any topic. The team of subject matter experts provides the answers in the stipulated period to the students. This way, the Q&A bank is expanding resulting in empowering the knowledge of students.

Advantage of $3 Monthly Subscription Plan

The plan has already reached the subscription of 0.5 million students within a month. Students from the USA, UK, Australia, and Singapore are subscribers making a $3 monthly subscription plan successful. Students just have to pay a $3 monthly subscription and could enjoy

  1. Unlimited access to textbook solutions
  2. Unlimited access o Q&A
  3. Ask 50 new questions every subscription
  4. Enhance knowledge
  5. Save time
  6. Save money
  7. Easy access and quick solutions

Now, the education is just a click away! Subscribe now!

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