How we made textbook solutions manual affordable to all?

Textbook Solutions Manual

Crazy for Study has received an excellent response from the students. The $3 monthly subscription plan has been able to acquire 0.5 million registrations within the past three months. The students based in the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, UAE, and India is the first registered users of the subscription plan. This subscription provides unlimited access to textbook solutions manual, unlimited access to the questions and answers (Q&A), and privilege aspirants to ask 50 new questions per subscription. It is good news for the students who are dependent upon the digital books for the solutions manual. The subscription has helped every student to afford just $3 for the package for accessing the textbook solutions manual.

Package with unlimited goodies

CFS provides Q&A bank that comprises of thousands of questions and answers concerning all subjects. While studying or preparing for any examination, if a student is stuck in resolving any problem, then he or she may refer the Q&A to find the relevant answer. Along with it, students can access the textbook solutions manual to get in-depth answers. Also, if students require customized answers, they may use the ‘ask a question’ feature provided in the $3 monthly subscription plan. This mentioned feature privileges the students to ask 50 new questions every month. A team of experts provides the answers or solutions.

Online assignment help is one of the used and accepted services by CFS. The dedicated team of subject matter experts solves the variety of assignments received by CFS. Every assignment delivered to the various students is the work of the researchers and SMEs. The same team with high caliber and expertise are resolving the questions asked by the students under the feature of ‘Ask a Question.’

Students need to pay a $3 monthly subscription plan to find access to unlimited textbook solutions manual, and Q&A for a month. The mentioned plan is assumed the most affordable fee charged from worldwide students.

Here are the advantages of using Q&As and Textbook Solutions Manual services:

Q&As and Textbook Solutions Manual services make learning easy. Students find the exact answers and solutions to the questions that add a struggle to their education. Subject matter experts and a group of researchers develop explanatory answers or solutions manual.

Students get the solution to every question and subject-related issues quickly and precise manner.

It is affordable as any student from his or her monthly stipend provided by the parents can sustain a $3 monthly subscription plan. Moreover, if students find the necessity of tutoring solutions manual, then they may opt for online tutoring services. Students based in the USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, UAE, and India can afford to use the demanding services comfortably.

In case students find any issues, they then may contact CFS by email, chat, or over the phone.


CFS is one of the websites created with an initiative to provide education to all. This initiative helps the students to afford online learning easily and efficiently.
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