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In the olden days, there were a few sources for academic help. Gossip and the word of the wise were the only two sources, and even they were questionable. Those were just about the two sources for academic help. With the digital age, we have so many sources for the distribution of academic information and knowledge.

Nowadays, we have innumerable academic help sources which constantly churn out content. People directly interact with the media through the Internet. Consequently, most academic help platforms have to change for people. One major change they made is using open-source Content Management Platforms (or widely known as CMS’) in the place of SAAS (propriety based) services. The open-source platforms benefit the academic help companies in many ways. Crazy For Study is one of the most widely used platforms. Let’s understand what Crazy For Study is and how it’s a great choice for the academic help industry.

Understanding Crazy For Study


Crazy For Study is an academic help service aimed at providing quick academic help services to students from different academic levels and disciplines. Thousands of students use their services such as online homework help, online assignment help, Q&As and Textbook Solutions on a daily basis.

Why Crazy For Study is Great for the academia


The key reason why Crazy For Study is a great choice for academic platforms is: connectivity. When a company distributes content, it does so by appealing to a specific demographic. With a boom in the population and information access, almost everyone is a potential customer. Therefore, if companies have to appeal to all sorts of buyers, they have to be very quick at adapting to their needs and modifying their platform so. Crazy For Study is a platform that is perfect for such causes. Here are a few reasons in brief for why academia companies should use Crazy For Study.

Distribution of Diverse Content

A challenge for most wide-ranging academia platforms is that one single platform works in many areas. Consequently, the content would focus less on the general bulk content of the entire region, and more on separate localized issues of different regions. This is where Crazy For Study tremendously helpful because it allows customers to tailor its diverse content on one single platform, where audiences of different interests could find their desired content.

Great Performance for Daily Developments

Under your average news cycle, your company publishes new pieces all day long. However, how well a news-piece does depends upon its relevance. The relevance is a matter of time, and students have to be on their toes all day long so that they could constantly find and publish the updated papers. With built-in editing and content-manipulation systems, Crazy For Study helps the academic industry by giving them all their important tools– literally at arm’s reach.

Platform Monetization

Crazy For Study is a platform that aids the process of website monetization. Once your website starts attracting enough traffic, monetization will be easy through advertising, AdSense, and strategies such as promotional activities.

Serving The Entire Globe

The only way all of us media consumers are connected is through language. The biology of human beings allows them to communicate and share their ideas using language. Being a multilingual system, Crazy For Study can make your content localized and fit for people from areas you have never even heard of! Contact Crazy For Study Here:










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  1. I’m an Economics teacher and even I get stuck on many tricky textbook problems. It is annoying as it slows down the teaching process. But subscribing to crazy for study helped me find a reference point in their services & teach my students in a smooth flow!

  2. Cfs has proved to be extremely beneficial for me. Their services have helped me improve my grades and has given me enough time to do things other than studying. Now I can easily work part time to support my education. Thanks guys

  3. It used to be extremely difficult for me to solve my maths textbook questions but CFS has helped me a lot. Now I can easily take help of CFS’s textbook solutions that is available for free. I am extremely happy with CFS and keep recommending it to everyone. Thanks <3

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