4 YouTube Channels You Should Totally Subscribe

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We would like to start off by asking a question if you don’t mind. The question is- Are you broke? Oh, we have another one too. Are you bored? Well if you are a millennial, your answers to both these questions is definitely a yes! And we have a solution for you. So if you are bored and have nothing to do, you would automatically want to binge on something. Carbs and content, right? So if you want to binge on content, you would realize the need to have access to streaming giants such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. But are they expensive, damn! So what next? Is it going to be just bingeing on carbs then? No. Did you forget about the friendly, non-demanding, next door adorable neighbor- YouTube?  It’s okay if you did!

We are here to remind you of the best YouTubers you need to follow and binge-watch the content of ASAP to bid boredom goodbye!


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With a whopping net worth of 20 million dollars, PewDiePie is an immensely famous Swedish YouTuber. His real name is  Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. Yep, it doubles up as a tongue-twister. PewDiePie creates content revolving around games and challenges. His content includes  ‘Let’s Play’ game commentaries, vlogs, challenges, and rants. And boy are they funny! With more than 63.3 million subscribers, PewDiePie was also in competition with the Indian music production company, T-Series as to who has the highest number of subscribers. All his content has too much hilarity and makes the audience feel as if they are seated right beside PewDiePie!


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Mark Edward Fischbach a.k.a Markiplier is a jack of all trades. Apart from being in the top 5 American Youtubers list, he is also an aspiring singer and songwriter. Watch his videos to enjoy some survival horror video games’ commentary. If there’s one word that defines his game-commentary videos, it’s- ‘sensational’! Tune into his channel to indulge in his inspirational, personal, funny vlogs. Markiplier currently has an amplifying subscriber base of 20.6 million fans!

3.Jenna Marbles

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Jenna Nicole Mourey is better known by her YouTube avatar name Jenna Marbles. Tune in her channel for some genuine and not modeled-to-fit-in-the-trend content. Jenna’s videos are painted with her lovably awkward yet charismatic personality, something which has helped her accumulate a loyal fanbase of 18.1 million subscribers! Jenna’s net worth is 5 million dollars and here’s a fun fact, she’s the only YouTuber to have her wax statue in the Madame Tussauds museum! Headsup- She uploads videos every Wednesday or Thursday, so you know that’s when you have to plug into her channel.

4. FBE

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Remember those videos on Facebook that got you hooked, made you leave your assignments unfinished and got your fingers tapping the phone screen to find other similar videos? I’m talking about FBE videos! Brothers Benny Fine and Rafi Fine have created this media company which is a one-stop for entertainment in and out! Best known for their React video series, the channel has a versatile content archive of videos that are scripted, animated, interactive, sketch comedy and more! Tapping into the binge-hungry hearts of the audience, FBE has allocated a content category to each day of the week.

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