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Religion Assignment Help

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Nature and Scope of Religion

This is a very delicate topic that is interesting to know. How time changes their meaning and how religions originated. Check out some of the topics that we’ve shared for our lovely viewers.

  •        Concept of Religion.
  •        Significance of and Approaches to the Study of Religions
  •        Historical, Anthropological, Sociological, Philosophical, Phenomenological
  •        Founders and Propounders of Religions.
  •        Major Scriptures: Vedas, Jaina Agamas, Tripitaka, Bible, Quran, Guru Granth Saheb, Avesta
  •        Individual and Social Aspects of Religion.
  •        Harmony of Religions and Interfaith Dialogue.
  •        Modern Challenges to Religions: Materialism, Rationalism, Agnosticism, Atheism.
  •        Some basic concepts common to most of the Tribal Religions :
  •        Unified concept encompassing the whole universe and all grades of existence.
  •        Primitive societies: Manaism, Totemism, Tabooism, Animism, Magic, etc.

Manifestations of Tribal Religions in the individual and social life of Adivasi People

Common Aspects and Themes of religion

Here are some of the common aspects and themes of the various religions practiced by the people of the world. If you are hunting for assignment help then look for our services online. Given below are some topics prepared by our academic experts.

  •        Concept of Universe and Ultimate Reality.
  •        Theories of Karma, Retribution, and Salvation.
  •        Codes of Ethical Conduct: Monks and Laity
  •        Compassion, Non – violence, Peace, and Harmony.
  •        Social Justice and Human Rights.
  •        Prayer, Meditation and Mysticism.
  •        Attitude towards Women.
  •        Heritage and Culture.
  •        Worship and Rituals.
  •        Religion and Science in Dialogue.

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According to the research, it is proved to be the oldest religion in the world. As a pursuing student, you’ll come across the various religious epics, cultures, and traditions. Some of the assignment topics that are shared with our viewers might be one you are searching for.

  •        Nature of Vedic Religion and Culture.
  •        Vedic Literature – Samhitas, Brahmanas, Aranyakas, Upanisads
  •        Saivism, Vaisnavism, Shaktism, Tantrism
  •        Six Systems of Hindu Philosophy: Sankhya, Yoga, Nyaya, Vaisesika, Mimamsa, and Vedanta
  •        Epics: Ramayana, Mahabharata and Puranas.
  •        Bhakti and Reform Movements of the Medieval Period.
  •        Modern Reform Movements Brahmosamaja, Aryasamaja, Ramakrishna Mission

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This is another ancient religion which is stated as the path of victory and destroying streams of rebirth by following a spiritual life. If you are told to prepare assignments on this then take our help immediately. Below are some topics prepared by our experts in the past. Have a look.

  •        Sramana Culture and Tirthankara Tradition: Rsabhadeva to Mahavira
  •        Main Sects of Jainism: Digambara and Svetambara
  •        Prakrit Agama Literature and Prominent Acaryas.
  •        Basic Doctrines, Principles, and Philosophy
  •        Contribution to Arts and Architecture.
  •        Social Aspects of Jainism.
  •        Contemporary Developments of Jainism.

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One religion that presents peace. The people, who practice Buddhism, enlighten their mind and soul and follow the footsteps to moksha.  Check out some of the topics on this religion.

  •        Background, Life, and Teachings of Gautama Buddha.
  •        Pali Tipitaka Literature and Mahayana Surtras.
  •        Main Sects: Theravada, Mahayana, etc.
  •        Basic Doctrines, Principles, and Philosophy.
  •        Contribution to Arts and Architecture.
  •        Expansion of Buddhism
  •        Social Aspects and Revival of Buddhism. 

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This religion is largely seen in the whole of the world. People of this religion are seen all over the world. If you are juggling with this topic and don’t know exactly what to write, and then take our religion assignment help from our professionals.

  •        The Life and Message of Jesus Christ and the Beginnings of Christianity.
  •        Old Testament and New Testament Scriptures and the Question of Interpretation.
  •        Main Christian Churches: Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant
  •        Important Beliefs and Teachings of Christianity.
  •        Christian Worship, Rituals and Mysticism.
  •        History of Christianity
  •        Contemporary Trends in Christian Theology.

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This is a widespread religion in the current time. If you don’t know much about Islam then you can take our subject matter experts help. They will help you out and will submit the assignment on the deadline. 

  •        Life of Prophet Mohammed and Basic Teachings of the Quran.
  •        The Establishment of the Islamic Community and the Medinan state.
  •        Development of the Islamic Civilization under Abbasids.
  •        International Trade and Foreign Relations in the Medieval Period.
  •        The Contribution of Medieval Islam to Rational Sciences, Philosophy, and Fine Arts.
  •        Development of Sufism and its Impact on the Muslim Society.
  •        Challenges of Modernity and The Reform Movements among Muslims

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