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About chemical engineering assignment help

As the name suggests chemical engineering or process engineering an in-depth knowledge of the chemicals and everything revolving around it ranging from designing and construction of the plants, design of the process and complete analysis as well as the transportation aspect. The primary objective of chemical engineering involves the complete transformation and modulation of various raw materials into commercial and public friendly innovative products.


Since this particular field of engineering study refers to gathering factual information about the various chemicals and their behaviour, it is natural for a chemical engineer student to feel overwhelmed with the amount of work, time, effort and energy that goes into studying this broad subject. Chemical engineering assignment help aims at enabling the students to feel more at ease, well versed with the topic through expert writing.

Chemical Engineering Assignment Help

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A student studying to become a proficient chemical engineer will require to first clarify their basic foundation which is thermodynamics.

  • Basics of heat & temperature.
  • Calorimetry, thermometry, work & heat transfer basics.
  • The first law of thermodynamics for both open & closed system.
  • The second law of thermodynamics.
  • Entropy.
  • Exergy.
  • Properties of gases & their mixtures.
  • Properties of pure substances.

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Molecular biology

As the name suggests this is that branch of biology which is mainly focused on the molecular basis of every biological activity which takes place among cells.

  • Gene therapy.
  • RNA interference (RNAi).
  • Genome editing.
  • Drug delivery.
  • DNA synthesis and sequence.
  • Stem cell research.
  • Maturation of sperm cells.

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Environmental engineering

This is probably one of the most varied types of chemical engineering feature. This sub-subject involves massive and broad topics like chemistry, biology, hydrology etc which goes on to prove that you need a chemical engineering assignment help more than ever.

  • Mass and Energy transfer.
  • Environmental chemistry. Inorganic chemistry.
  • Growth models. Resource consumption.
  • Risk assessment. Hazard identification.
  • Water pollution.
  • Air pollution.
  • Global change.
  • Solid waste management and resource recovery.

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Organic chemistry

Organically this branch of study is originally limited to the compounds that are produced by all the living organisms. However, it has also included human-made substances like plastic. Since organic compounds are all around us they are also the central feature for economic growth.

  • Structure and bonding.
  • Resonance and acid-base chemistry.
  • Alkanes, cycloalkanes, and functional groups.
  • Stereochemistry.
  • Substitution and elimination reactions.
  • Alkenes and alkynes.
  • Alcohols, ethers, epoxides, sulphides.

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Composite materials knowledge

A composite material is the combination of 2 or more materials which combine to generate quality properties together rather than an individual’s component properties alone.

  • Ceramic matrix composite
  • Metal matrix composite
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Glass fibre reinforced concrete
  • Translucent concrete
  • Engineered wood
  • Plywood
  • Engineered bamboo
  • Parquetry
  • Wood-plastic composite
  • Cement-bonded wood fibre
  • Fibreglass
  • Carbon Fibre reinforced polymer

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