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Bio Statistics Assignment Help

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Biostatistics introduction

Biostatistics is an interesting vast subject with lots of arithmetic equations. If you are confused and don’t know from where to start then quickly avail our services online. We possess a brilliant team of professionals who can solve your assignment question within the given deadline. Check out a few topics handled by our team.

  • Collection, Classification, and Tabulation of data
  • Bar diagrams and Pie diagrams
  • Histogram
  • Frequency curve and frequency polygon
  • Ogives. Mean, median, mode, Standard deviation.

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Correlation and Regression analysis

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  • Correlations and regressions
  • The relation between two variables
  • scatter diagram
  • definition of correlations, curve fitting
  • principles of least squares
  • Two regression lines
  • Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation
  • Rank correlation
  • Tied ranks.

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  • Random experiments
  • sample space
  • probability theory
  • conditional probability
  • Baye’s theorem.
  • Random variable (discrete and continuous)
  • Probability density function(discrete and continuous)
  • The distribution function for a discrete random variable
  • The distribution function for the continuous random variable
  •  Joint probability distribution
  •  Conditional and marginal distribution.

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Mathematical Expectations

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  • Introduction
  • The expected value of a random variable
  •  Moments
  • Moment generating functions
  •  Product moments
  •  Conditional expectations.

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Standard distributions

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  • Uniform distribution (Discrete and continuous).
  • Exponential distribution Gamma distribution
  • Beta distribution
  • Binomial distribution
  • Poisson distribution
  • Normal distributions
  • Standard normal distributions.

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  • stratified sampling, Acceptance-Rejection Sampling, Accidental sampling
  • Bernoulli samples, Cluster samples, systematic sampling
  • Adaptive sampling
  • Critical Case Samples, Discrepant case sampling, Distance sample
  • Haphazard Sampling, Inverse Sample
  • Importance of Sampling, The Kish grid, Latin hypercube
  • line-intercept sampling, Multistage sampling
  • Quota sampling, Reservoir sampling, Respondent Driven Sampling
  • Snowball samples
  • Square root biased sample

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Statistical methods in quality improvement

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  • Hypothesis Testing: a null hypothesis (H0) and an alternative hypothesis
  • Regression Analysis: the functional relationship between one or more response
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Design and Analysis of Experiments

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