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Laying Down the Law, 10th Edition 10 Edition
Blackshield and Williams Australian Constitutional Law and Theory 7th Edition
Criminal Laws: Materials And Commentary On Criminal Law And Process In NSW 6th Editio 6th edition
Waller & Williams Criminal Law Text and Cases, 13th edition 13th Edition
Administrative Law Guidebook 2nd Edition
Nygh's Conflict of Laws in Australia>< 9th Edition (Paperback)  9th Edition
Ethics in Law: Lawyers' Responsibility and Accountability in Australia>< 6th Edition   Ross
Australian Intellectual Property 3rd Edition
Australian Insolvency Law 4th edition
Core Student Tax Pack 2 2019
An Outline Of The Law Of Partnership 5th edition
Law Of Pt.Nership In Aust 9th edition
Dispute Resolution In Aust: Cases C&M 4th edition
LexisNexis QRC: Civil Procedure - Quick Reference Card 2nd edition
Corporations Law Guidebook 2nd Edition
LNQA: Corporations Law 4th edition
Grammar for Lawyers 3rd Edition
Nemes & Coss' Effective Legal Research 7th edition
Tradition & Change in Australian Law 5th edition
Law and Justice in Australia : Foundations of the Legal System 3rd Edition
A Practical Guide to Legal Research 4th Edition
Legal Referencing 4th Ed + Concise Australian Legal Dictionary 5th Ed + Laying Down The Law 10th Ed 4th Edition
Researching and Writing in Law 4th Edition
Jurisprudentia Legal Ethics Student Guide Card

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